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Inter Oceans Museum

The Inter Oceans Museum, located in the quaint village of Corossol on the island of Saint Barthélemy (St. Barts), is a unique and intriguing attraction that adds a different flavor to the island’s usual offerings of sun, sea, and sand. This private museum, dedicated to seashells, showcases one of the most extensive and varied collections of shells from around the world. It offers visitors an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of marine biodiversity and the beauty of oceanic creations.

Background and Founder

The Inter Oceans Museum was founded by Ingénu Magras, a native of St. Barts who spent over half a century collecting seashells from various oceans across the globe. His passion for marine life led to the creation of this museum, which he set up in his own home in Corossol. Magras’s dedication and efforts are evident in the meticulously arranged displays and the vast range of species represented, making the museum a personal reflection of his life’s work and passion.

The Collection

The museum boasts an impressive array of seashells, ranging from the tiny and intricate to the large and imposing. The collection includes rare and exotic shells, some of which are only found in specific, remote parts of the world. Each shell in the museum is carefully labeled with its scientific name and the region where it was found, providing educational insights into the diversity and complexity of marine life.

Visitors can see a variety of shells, including those from clams, snails, nautiluses, and other mollusks. The collection also features coral pieces, crustaceans, shark teeth, and dried sea stars, offering a comprehensive glimpse into oceanic ecosystems. The shells are displayed in a way that highlights their natural beauty, with an emphasis on their varied shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

Educational Value

The Inter Oceans Museum serves not only as a tourist attraction but also as an educational resource. It provides valuable learning opportunities for both children and adults, emphasizing the importance of marine conservation and the ecological roles that these creatures play in their habitats. The museum helps to raise awareness about the fragility of marine ecosystems and the need to protect our oceans.

Visiting the Museum

The museum is situated in Magras’s house, giving it a very personal and intimate ambiance. The setting allows visitors to feel a connection not only to the sea but also to the collector himself. The house is typically open to the public, but since it operates on a small scale, it’s a good idea to confirm opening hours before visiting, especially during the off-season or on public holidays.

Impact on the Community

The Inter Oceans Museum contributes to the cultural and educational landscape of St. Barts. It diversifies the attractions of the island, often known more for its luxury tourism than its educational resources. For the local community, it serves as a point of pride and a reminder of the island’s connection to the sea. For tourists, it offers a quiet and contemplative break from the more active pursuits typically associated with Caribbean vacations.


The Inter Oceans Museum in Corossol is a testament to the passion and dedication of one man to understanding and preserving the beauty of the ocean. It provides a unique, insightful, and educational experience that complements the natural beauty of St. Barts. Visitors looking for a deeper understanding of marine life and an appreciation for the artistry of nature will find the Inter Oceans Museum a fascinating and worthwhile stop during their stay on the island.

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