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Car rentals in Gustavia Harbor, St Barths

If you’re looking to rent a car at Gustavia Harbor in St. Barths, you have several options from well-known rental companies that offer a range of vehicles to suit different needs.

  • Hertz St. Barth offers a diverse fleet including compact cars like the Kia Picanto, luxury options like the Audi Q3 Sportback, and rugged vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler. They provide convenient pickup locations at the airport or the port, and also offer delivery services to your hotel or villa. Hertz is noted for having a large selection of vehicles and premium services​​.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car operates at Gustavia Harbour and offers comprehensive rental services. They provide free delivery and collection of vehicles across the island during business hours, with a small fee outside these hours. Enterprise also allows for arrangements to be made in advance for harbor arrivals or direct deliveries to hotels and villas​​​​.
  • National Car Rental located at Gustavia Harbour offers similar services with features like free island-wide delivery and collection during operating hours. They emphasize no-cost delivery options and the convenience of vehicle collection right at the harbor​​.
  • Alamo Rent A Car also provides service in this area, with a focus on easy vehicle collection and return processes at the harbor. They offer a variety of cars suitable for different terrains and preferences, ensuring a seamless rental experience​​.

Each of these companies provides various amenities, including options for additional drivers, insurance coverages, and flexible fuel policies. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure the best rates and ensure availability. Always check the specific terms and conditions such as age requirements and deposit policies when booking.

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