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Top beach clubs in St Barts

St. Barts is renowned for its luxurious beach clubs, each offering a unique experience. Here’s a more detailed overview of several beach clubs on the island:

  • Nikki Beach Saint Barth – St Jean: Known for its party atmosphere, Nikki Beach is one of the most glamorous locations globally, offering beachfront dining with international flavors and vibrant live music​​.
  • La Guérite Beach: A relatively new entrant, situated on St Jean Beach, offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and a vibe similar to the popular Sunday soirees at Nikki Beach​​.
  • Gyp Sea – St Jean: Located on the far eastern end of St Jean Beach, it’s a boho-chic beach club known for its grill-focused menu, rare rums, and feet-in-sand dining​​.
  • Shellona: The only beach club within Gustavia city limits, offering a Greek Islands-inspired vibe with Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine​​.
  • Pearl Beach (Formerly La Plage) – St Jean: Known for its laidback atmosphere, it sits in the middle of St. Jean beach and is one of the few restaurants on the beach serving breakfast​​.
  • Le Toiny Beach Club – Toiny Beach: Offers an idyllic setting with French/Caribbean/fusion dishes and sand-between-your-toes dining​​.
  • Le Rivage St Barth – Grand Cul-De-Sac Beach: Known for Italian delicacies and its beachfront location, offering pizzas, antipasti, seafood, pastas, and more​​.
  • NAO BEACH – St Jean: Offers a fusion menu combining Japanese and Mediterranean influences, with a range of signature cocktails​​.
  • La Case: A luxurious restaurant and beach club within the Cheval Blanc property, offering an inviting atmosphere with tasteful decor and a chic mix of international travelers and locals​​.
  • La Cabane: Captures the essence of relaxation and opulence, offering diverse menus with delectable seafood, meats, and locally sourced produce​​.
  • Shellona Beach: Located on Shell Beach in Gustavia, it offers a relaxed tropical atmosphere with Mediterranean cuisine​​.
  • Nikki Beach: Offers an electrifying atmosphere with tropical house music, attracting a diverse clientele including jet-setters and locals​​.
  • Gyp Sea Beach: A charming, bohemian beach club on Pelican Beach, catering to a variety of guests with its laid-back vibe and grill and rum bar​​.
  • Rivyera: A bohemian beach club at the eastern end of Saint-Jean beach, offering rustic cuisine with a relaxed Caribbean vibe​​.

Each club provides a distinct experience, from laid-back atmospheres to vibrant party scenes, catering to various tastes and preferences.

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