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Weather in St Barts

St Barthelemy
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St. Barts enjoys a tropical climate moderated by trade winds, featuring warm temperatures throughout the year. The climate can be broadly divided into two seasons: the dry season, from December to April, and the wet season, from May to November. However, the island’s weather is relatively mild, and even during the wet season, rain showers tend to be short-lived and are often followed by sunshine.

Dry Season (December to April)

The dry season is the peak tourist season in St. Barts, characterized by less rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Average daytime temperatures range from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). Nights are comfortably cool, with temperatures dropping a few degrees. This period offers the most consistent weather, with low humidity and clear skies, making it perfect for beach outings, water sports, and exploring the island.

Wet Season (May to November)

The wet season sees higher temperatures and humidity, with more frequent rainfall. However, St. Barts does not experience the extreme weather seen in some other Caribbean regions. Average temperatures during this season range from 28°C to 32°C (82°F to 90°F). Rainfall is often heavy but brief, usually occurring in the late afternoon or evening, and does not significantly deter from the island’s charm and activities. This season also sees a slight increase in the chance of tropical storms or hurricanes, although St. Barts’ weather is generally mild compared to other parts of the Caribbean.

Historical Weather Patterns

Over the years, St. Barts has enjoyed relatively stable weather patterns, with minor variations in temperature and rainfall. The island’s geographical location and topography contribute to its mild climate. Situated in the Lesser Antilles, it benefits from the cooling effects of the trade winds, which help to moderate temperatures and provide a refreshing breeze.

Historically, St. Barts has been fortunate to avoid direct hits from major hurricanes. Protective measures and strict building codes are in place to minimize damage from potential storms, ensuring the safety and well-being of both residents and visitors.

Impact of Climate on Tourism and Lifestyle

The weather significantly influences tourism, the island’s primary industry. The peak season aligns with the dry season, attracting visitors from colder climates seeking warmth and sunshine. The consistent weather allows for planning and enjoying outdoor events, such as the St. Barts Music Festival in January, sailing regattas, and other cultural festivities.

During the wet season, despite the increased rainfall, St. Barts remains a popular destination. The island’s natural beauty, from its lush, green landscapes to its rejuvenated flora, is at its peak, offering a different but equally appealing experience. Moreover, the wet season can be an attractive time for travelers seeking a more tranquil atmosphere and lower accommodation rates.

Environmental Considerations and Conservation Efforts

St. Barts is committed to preserving its natural environment and mitigating the effects of climate change. Efforts include coral reef protection, sustainable water management, and promoting eco-friendly tourism practices. These initiatives ensure that the island remains a beautiful and resilient destination for future generations.


The weather in St. Barts is a key element of its allure as a luxury tourist destination. Its tropical climate, characterized by warm temperatures and a division between dry and wet seasons, creates an environment that is inviting year-round. While the dry season is the peak time for tourism, the wet season offers its own unique charm, with the island’s natural beauty on full display. St. Barts’ commitment to environmental sustainability further enhances its appeal, ensuring that it remains a paradise not only for today’s visitors but for many years to come. Through a combination of geographical luck, careful planning, and conservation efforts, St. Barts continues to offer an idyllic escape for those in search of sun, sea, and sand.

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